Saturday, 25 June 2011

Building websites for ROI - podcasts by Paul Boag

Paul Boag has published a series of podcasts in which he explores ways that your website can begin to pay for itself. It's a great series full of advice and real world examples (both off and online) which can help you focus your thinking on how and why you manage your website like you do.

If you're not into podcasts each episode has its own page with a written summary of all the most important points. So well worth a skim read if nothing else...

Personally, I find the chummy banter that exists in many podcasts a bit tiresome. There is some of this kind of thing between Paul and his colleague but the quality of the content made it easy for me to persevere.

Paul covers a series of subjects with the overarching theme of how to move your site from being a drain on resources to a key component in your business strategy.

  • Episode 1 Make better informed decisions about your site
  • Episode 2 Measuring your successes and failures
  • Episode 3 Becoming user focused
  • Episode 4 Calls to Action help users
  • Episode 5 Are you refining or rotting?
  • Episode 6 When driving traffic, think quality as well as quantity.
  • Episode 7 Live ‘end of season one’ show

The final episode is a live panel questions and answers discussion, running through all the subjects covered in the previous 7 episodes. His guest in this final session is the ever-engaging discount usability expert Steve Krug.

Boagworld podcast season 1 (7 episodes) - Building websites for return on investment

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