Sunday, 9 October 2011

Usability testing forum

I mentioned Steve Krug's new blog a little while ago. Hanging off that is a forum for people to share their usability testing experiences. You may even get a response from Steve if you pose a question...

Or failing that, from one of the many eager usability testers contributing.

The current categories:

  • Questions?
  • Testing success stories
  • Testing horror stories
  • Polls


  1. Steve Krug says is "Perfect for quick-and-dirty usability testing". Try it out yourself. I have just set up FIVE free tests for the readers on this blog. The first five people who enter the following promo code on our website "usabilityed" will get a free website usability test. NO strings just a free test. Enjoy. Jim - UserTesting

  2. Thanks Jim. Hope this is for real :)

    Anyone who gets one of these freebies, please leave a comment.

    I'm a regular user myself and really rate it - see my post from November 2010.

  3. Hello,
    I have an website based on getting information from real experts on live videoconference i need some help on testing the usability website

  4. Hi Marius.
    I'd advise you to read the free chapters of Steve Krug's book which cover conducting user tests ( and watch his video demo (
    Then just dive in an try it. Once you've got a few tests under your belt, take a look at a few of the articles I've tagged as usability testing tips.
    Good luck!