Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Web accessibility myths

An excellent article by Jonathan Hassell which tackles some fundamental challenges presented to people trying to steer their organisations to more accessible websites and services. The accessibility agenda seems to be moving from focusing on the developer to focusing on the business which is encouraging.

Jonathan Hassell was a lead author on 2010's revised British Standard (BS8878) and head of the BBC's accessibility initiatives so he certainly knows what he's talking about. But beyond this he's a great and persuasive communicator and what he talks about goes deeper than accessibility. What he's talking about is why inclusiveness and user-focus are fundamental to good business.

The article also contains tons of links to further reading, useful accessibility tools and case studies which in itself makes it well worth bookmarking.

Web accessibility myths 2011: a call for accessibility advocates to be more business-minded - article by Jonathan Hassell

I saw Jonathan give a great and inspiring presentation at World Usability Day at Uservision in Edinburgh in November 2011. His slides from the World Usability Day session are well worth viewing too.

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