Saturday, 18 February 2012

Search patterns podcasts

A couple of really interesting conversations about trends in searching and navigation behaviour. One of the interviewees is Peter Morville, co-author of the seminal Information Architecture for the WWW (otherwise known as the Polar Bear Book).

Both podcast interviews are follow ups from a paid online seminar from, but the interviews and transcripts are a useful resource in themselves.

First up, Peter Morville talks about his observations in website search and navigation trends and draws some conclusions about how we should be presenting search in particular.

The follow up conversation is with Mark Burrell (who co-presented with Morville) and this conversation focuses more on user profiles and their anticipated goals - using this context to deliver better, more useful search results.

Leveraging Search Patterns & Discovery - Podcast with Peter Morville for (36 minutes, key points summarised as text)

Mark Burrell’s Search Patterns Revisted - podcast from (33 minutes, full transcript available)

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