Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Good copy is essential for a great user experience

While copy may seem like small details of a design, great copy is the backbone of successful product experiences. David Simon has written a great article illustrating his point with lots of great examples from websites and applications.

Breaking copywriting down into a range of genres, his links to others' research and resources make this an essential one to bookmark for anyone who writes online. And that includes developers who end up filling the help and error text gaps in the software they work on...

  • Conversion copy
  • Microcopy
  • Reassurance copy
  • Helpful copy
  • System copy

David helpfully ends his article with links to copywriting training resouces, and his top 3 tips:

  • Focus on the reader
  • Forget the jargon
  • Steer clear of contextual language

Copywriting Across Channels - article by David Simon for uxmatters.com

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