Sunday, 6 December 2009

Loop 11 online usability testing tool

Another online tool I've been investigating - there seem to be so many available right now...

I've not set a test up just yet, but have tried out the participation demo and registered to get access to a set of dummy results and a free trial.

First impression is that it could well be a useful tool and I'm going to give some thought about what I'll use my free trial credit for. At $350 a test after the freebie though, I don't see this being something I use that often.

Loop 11 records and analyses the interactions users have with your website when undertaking a set of tasks set by you.

Advantages: There's no software for either you or your participants to install to access the service and the analysis of the data collected looks great. I almost always find summarising and communicating the results of tests to be a bit of bind.

Disadvantages: No video footage, no comments from the users. Instead you get details of routes through the site, time on page, screenshots, plus answers to any questions you pose.

So closer to a survey in some ways. I think this is reflected in the number of users they advocate you recuit. The maximum for any test is 1000.

The service is distinct from any other I've come across so far. It will be good for some investigations, and not so good for others. The trick will be working out how best to use it.

Certainly worth a look, if only for the free trial.

Loop 11 online user testing service

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  1. A new service ( does include full video footage of the testers, as well as synchronized screen session recordings of what the testers are doing, as well as contextual written commentary placed within "bublles" on the relevant portion of screenshots, as well as survey questions and answers, and quantitiative data analysis.

    Results are received within 24-48 hours, no W installation required, and you can do a test of your own site as well as your competitors site.

    Pricing is attractive at 299$ for 5 testers. A free sample test is available at the site (