Saturday, 12 December 2009

The right trigger words - Jared Spool on labelling and links

A good article on the power of well labelled links. Jared summarises:
The purpose of every link is to move users forward. Each link needs to give off enough "scent" to clue the user into the content to follow. That scent comes from the trigger words. When creating new content, the designers' most important task is to ensure that the links to that content contains the right trigger words.

The bottom line, as ever is engage with your users if you want to understand them and use their language.
How do you find out what your users' trigger words are? Well, you start by asking them... This powerful trio -- field studies, personas, and usability testing -- are a great way to start identifying the trigger words that work for your users.

The right trigger words - article by Jared Spool

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