Saturday, 5 December 2009

Lou Rosenfeld IA presentations

Following the ad for Lou Rosenfeld's upcoming session in London, I spent a bit of time looking at his site. A couple of sections worth a look.

Information Architecture sounds a bit boring and techie, but in reality it's just the same as what everyone else is saying on usability but from a slightly different perspective. The librarian's approach, perhaps?

One presentation in particular caught my eye - "Enterprise Information Architecture: Because users don't care about your org chart"

Believe it or not, 'enterprise information architecture' covers the university approach to structuring web content...

Lots of interesting observations and advice. Possibly nothing particularly new, but well presented by an expert in the field.

Lou Rosenfeld's presentations - from

In addition to these presentations (delivered via slideshare) you can also download the powerpoint slides for the enterprise IA, bizarrely from his publications page.

Lou Rosenfeld's publications and downloads

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