Saturday, 13 February 2010

Prototyping experiences podcast

An interesting conversation about different approaches to prototyping and the tools available.

Todd Zaki Warfel talks to Jared Spool about the book he had recently written (published autumn 2009) in which he researched a range of prototyping tools available and interviewed a number of usability practitioners on their approaches to prototyping.

Todd basically says there is no right or wrong approach - just what's right for you, for your participants and for what you're looking to find out. Doing it is the important thing.

He found people using a wide range of tools; from paper and pencil, to basic office packages - Powerpoint, Visio and even Excel - to more specialist tools like Axure.

The right tool for you is something you're confident using, that will produce the experience you're looking to replicate.

Prototyping Experiences - Todd Warfel in conversation with Jared Spool (listen online or download mp3 podcast)

Prototyping - A Practitioner’s Guide to Prototyping - book by Todd Zaki Warfel

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