Friday, 26 March 2010

Top website tasks - Gerry McGovern interview

Gerry McGovern talks about his concept of the long neck. The small number of tasks that are fundamental to a website's existence. He's quite an eccentric, enthusiastic speaker so the interview (conducted by Gerry Gaffney) is both entertaining and enlightening. He includes lots of examples of his work and experiences.

Every organisation I go into... [say] "Oh no, no, no, no, we don't have a small set of things that are really, really important, we've got millions of things."

And you know what that essentially is? "We are not managers. We are afraid to manage, we don't want to manage, we don't want to make difficult choices."

Because the non-manager chooses everything, because by choosing everything you don't make enemies internally, you don't really get stressed. "Ah, yeah, we'll put that up, we need to give resources to that." That's the non-manager.

Every piece of content matters - an interview with Gerry McGovern by Gerry Gaffney (mp3 download and interview transcript)

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