Sunday, 22 April 2012

Justifying usability research

A great article which provides stock answers you can use when challenged about how or why you're conducting testing.

The article by David Travis is written from the perspective of a usability consultant explaining to a client key concepts about usability research but I think it's a piece we can all benefit from.

Even if you're just an enthusiastic amateur, or dipping your toe in the water, and need to justify to the boss why you're wanting to do some research it's a worthwhile read. Something to keep up your sleeve.

David covers:

  • Market research uses hundreds of people. How come you can get answers with just 5? 
  • Our product is aimed at everyone, so we can use ourselves as users 
  • Users don’t know what they want 
  • Apple doesn’t do user research so why should we?

How to tell managers they’re wrong about UX research and still get hired - article by David Travis for User Focus

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