Monday, 8 February 2010

Ginny Redish interview - the web as a conversation

An interesting interview with the author of the best book on writing for the web - Letting Go of the Word.

Ginny Redish talks to Jared Spool about writing, content strategy, prototyping and personas.

They're clearly old pals, but thankfully keep the chit-chat and self promotion to a minimum. In the main, this 45 minute podcast is insightful and interesting.

I particularly liked Ginny's analogy of the website as a stool:
Navigation and search, design, and technology are the three legs of a stool. In the stool sits the content: what your visitors are coming for. Why do we spend all of our time building the stool, then all-but ignore what the stool is built to support?

The Web as a Conversation - Ginny Redish in conversation with Jared Spool (listen online or download mp3 podcast)
The download page also includes a text summary of the interview.

Letting Go of the Words (Web content that works) - book by Ginny Redish

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