Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Usability tips for agile teams

A great article from Jared Spool on the challenges involved in getting real user focus and design iteration into the agile process.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

How organisation goals can impede the user experience

A great (if long and detailed!) piece about how if you don't understand the motivations of all stakeholders in a project, you're unlikely to deliver a great user experience.

Customer service across channels

A couple of items from usability company Webcredible, who seem to be giving a lot of attention to how big brands deal with customer service across the board - in person, the website, email and all the social media channels people are using these days. Not directly relevant to higher education but a word of caution to all of us spreading our engagement wider.

Form hint text guidance

A nice article from Caroline Jarrett explaining why it's not a good idea to put hint text in form fields you expect your user to complete.

Boag on social media management

An excellent and thought provoking piece by Paul Boag. It's so easy to establish an online community these days with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. But it's also very easy to get it wrong.

Higher Education content strategy views

An article from a web content manager at a US university which, while quite long and rambling, hits the mark I think.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Collaborative design presentation User Vision

Last month I went to a great breakfast briefing session hosted by Edinburgh usability company User Vision on collaborative design.

Free prototyping breakfast session at User Vision, Edinburgh - 15 March

Edinburgh usability company User Vision are running a free breakfast session on rapid prototyping on 15th March 2012.