Sunday, 18 March 2012

Customer service across channels

A couple of items from usability company Webcredible, who seem to be giving a lot of attention to how big brands deal with customer service across the board - in person, the website, email and all the social media channels people are using these days. Not directly relevant to higher education but a word of caution to all of us spreading our engagement wider.

First a look at how big companies coped after Christmas with comments, questions and complaints on social media. Some companies fared much better than others basically by managing the inevitable dialogue that arises when you tweet or use Facebook or whatever. Not staying on top of this can have dire consequences in the commercial sector.

Webcredible study strengthens case for 'social customer service'

And also, a more detailed study of how well some big brands do customer service across a range of channels. The report is there to download and "provides full analysis, guidelines, and real examples that review the state of cross-channel brand experience in the retail sector."

Multichannel Retail Customer Experience Report 2011 - Webcredible

The lesson for us here is, I think, don't branch out into new channels if you can't resource their active management.

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