Sunday, 18 March 2012

Boag on social media management

An excellent and thought provoking piece by Paul Boag. It's so easy to establish an online community these days with social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. But it's also very easy to get it wrong.
Paul has come up with 7 key points about running online communities.

  1. Technology does not create community
  2. Show some commitment
  3. Learn how to lead
  4. An antisocial community is your fault
  5. You need to swallow your pride
  6. Stop trying to control the message
  7. Nobody likes to be alone
The article includes some nice examples that illustrate his points, and he ends with:
After reading this you might feel that running a community is too much like hard work. You may decide not bother at all. However, that would be a mistake.

The ultimate harsh truth is that your users will be talking about your website, services and products, whether you want them to or not. The only question is whether you want to engage in that discussion.
It's much like Gerry McGovern bangs on about regularly - the days of traditional marketing are gone. You can push out what you like but your customers listening so closely any more. They're seeking out the opinions of your existing customers and not taking what you say at face value.

7 Harsh Truths about running online communities - article by Paul Boag

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