Sunday, 18 March 2012

Higher Education content strategy views

An article from a web content manager at a US university which, while quite long and rambling, hits the mark I think.

Most US universities are smaller than ours - in some cases it almost feels like they're about the size of some of our bigger schools - but fundamentally what Michael Fienen says is right on the button regardless of the size of editorial group you're involved with.

  • Universities are too well established - they've been building websites since pretty much the web as we know it existed
  • Web publishing is typically trapped with the IT function or the marketing function - it's neither. It's distinct from both.
  • Website management is treated as a project and not a process. A tremendously wasteful approach.
  • Everyone's got an opinion and too often the wrong one (or the committee fudge) wins through

Why Higher Ed Sucks at Content Strategy - article by Michael Fienen for .edu guru

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