Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Content planning for responsive websites

A presentation by meetcontent.com's Georgy Cohen looking at the challenges to content being presented by the trend towards responsive website designs. Includes lots of examples of responsive designs around US universities.

The slides are presented via a storify page, so you can see the kinds of things being discussed by 'attendees' of the online seminar when it was presented live.

The presentation start from a very basic entry level, providing the context of trends in device usage and behaviour, before moving on to development experience soundbites from US colleges who have implemented responsive designs (starting at slide 41).

Of interest also are the Balsamiq wire frames from Wright State University (from slide 46).

I particularly like this quote from Rachel Lovinger`of Razorfish.com and author of Nimble:
"Simply put, digital content needs to be free - to go where and when people want it most...The more structure you put into content, the freer it will become"
And this graphic is fantastic:

Content management system WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface
The WYSIWYG may be the biggest enemy of structured content

Creating and Planning Content for Responsive Web Design - Tweets and slides from Georgy Cohen's June 19, 2012, webinar. 

The presentation also references the ongoing list of responsive design websites in higher education at weedygarden.net (a university developer's blog.

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