Friday, 31 August 2012

Content strategy should influence CMS workflow design

If the publishing rules and permissions that dictate what you can do in your web content management system (a.k.a. workflow) really bug you this article probably won't make you feel any better. But it is a great primer for how to go about designing good workflow.

Rick Allen of Meet Content talks through the things to consider when planning for your CMS workflow.

  1. Start with content strategy
  2. Interview content stakeholders
  3. Define CMS roles
  4. Conduct a CMS task audit
  5. Map out your CMS tasks
  6. Integrate content planning tools
  7. Test CMS workflow
  8. Gain support for CMS workflow

And a great quote from Johnathan Kahn that Rick references:
"When it comes to the CMS, we stop thinking strategically. Despite all the talk about user-centered design, we rarely consider the user experience of the editorial team—the people who implement the content strategy. We don’t design a CMS, we install it."
Designing Content Workflow for Your CMS - article by Rick Allen for Meet Content

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