Monday, 21 January 2013

CIM HE conference Edinburgh March 2013

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Higher Education Interest Group annual conference is being held in Edinburgh this March. I'm presenting on the totally uncontroversial topic: "Marketing is dead, long live user experience" (UX).

I'm really looking forward to engaging with marketing professionals across the sector and having the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between marketing, advertising and user experience.

As well as banging the UX drum as I've done at the University of Edinburgh since arriving, I'll also be illustrating my ideas with a couple of projects I've been running over the past few years - introducing user centred design techniques to postgraduate recruitment processes and to our content management system development.

While the latter may not seem so relevant to a room of marketing professionals I hope to show that the user experience of staff involved in online engagement is just as important. If they have a tool that doesn't cater to their needs, they're unlikely to do an excellent job - especially important when we rely on so many time-poor non-specialists to plug the gaps in web marketing resources.

The conference is being held in central Edinburgh on Thursday 21 March. Early bird registration until the end of January.

CIM Higher Education annual conference details and booking

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