Saturday, 9 March 2013

How organisations stifle good design

An excellent opinion piece by Leisa Reichelt on the challenges faced by designers. Not tricky design problems though. Organisations, politics, ego and immovable complex processes. Sound familiar?

The thing that struck me was that this isn't just a problem for designers and consultants. It's faced by every content editor and website manager trying to become more user focused, or just make their website do the job they need it to do.

A colleague used a great line this week when working with a customer on a new website and trying to convince them to let us cut back the content: "If the content isn't working for you, it's working against you."

Leisa's article is reassuring in the sense that the challenges we face seem to be the same the world over. (I sort of get the same reassurance from Dilbert). I also liked Leisa's approaches to overcoming the challenges, and the subsequent reader discussion.

Design is the easy part - Leisa Reichelt for

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