Sunday, 31 March 2013

Some UX myths debunked

Frank Guo explains why 3 commonly held 'rules' of usable websites aren't true for

It's a well written and argued piece, although I must confess I'd like to have seen some references to research to back up what, for me, makes a lot of sense.

The only slight alarm bell on reading was his reference to website visitors being willing to use the browser's in-page search function (typically [CTRL+F]) on long pages which I haven't seen that much of first hand.

Frank's advice on 3 myths:
  • There’s No Need to Worry About Long Pages
  • There’s No Need to Worry About the Number of Clicks
  • High Information Density Is Not Always Bad
What he shows through a range of examples is, as ever, it depends...

Demystifying UX Design: Common False Beliefs and Their Remedies - article by Frank Guo for

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