Saturday, 19 October 2013

Excellent prototyping intro

I've just come across an excellent article on prototyping at Smashing Magazine. Combining principles with solid examples and an overview of tools available, it's probably the best overview piece I've read.

The fidelity of prototypes is something that a lot of people get hung up on. The article runs through what to consider and why. I'll definitely be returning to the points made when I need to convince stakeholders of a particular route I'm recommending.

Paper and pencil is almost always best at the initial stage, and the suggested medium fidelity tools are great. Visio was my tool of choice for a long time until we introduced Balsamiq to the Uni wiki service.

I've found Balsamiq easy to learn, quick to use, and perfect for sharing and collaborating - which is at the heart of all good prototyping activity.

The article ends with some sound dos and don'ts advice and great further reading and resources.

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