Saturday, 19 October 2013

Red Routes - David Travis explains what's really important on your website

David Travis of talks about what really matters on your website. He likens these customer journeys to the major arteries of London - the red routes.

He argues that you should identify your red routes and ruthlessly optimise your website to remove any usability obstacles your visitors encounter when making these key journeys through your site.

So how do you identify these red routes?
  • Red routes should reflect key business objectives
  • Red routes should reflect key customer objectives
They're complete activities, not simple tasks so they involve multiple web pages or steps in a process.

They're measurable so you know how you're performing, and you should be able to undertake them on competitor sites so you can compare how you're doing.

And most importantly, they need to be realistic - so based on data or customer service experience.

Red route usability: The key user journeys with your web site - article by David Travis for

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