Friday, 10 April 2015

Silo-busting, scenario-driven design

Kim Goodwin talked to Jared Spool for the podcast back in August 2014. It was a fantastic, inspiring chat with some great thoughts on approaching design problems in large organisations.

The podcast and transcript of the conversation is available to download.

It contains loads of great examples and clarifications about how to work towards a design starting with high level scenarios and gradually digging deeper.

Kim talks about what a persona should be here for - a reminder to the team, not an introduction to the user. She also discusses with Jared about artefacts and deliverables - how you can't pin labels such as these on particular things like a presentation or a persona. It just depends on the stage you're at in the development process and who will receive them.

Silo busting scenario driven design - Kim Goodwin talks to Jared Spool for the podcast

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