Sunday, 24 January 2010

Content strategy - an intro

I've just started reading "Content Strategy for the web" by Kristina Halvorson. Interesting so far. She's referencing McGovern, Krug and Reddish so we're on a sound footing.

Kristina wrote an article a while ago which I think must have been the lead in to her writing the book.

The discipline of content strategy - article by Kristina Halvorson

If [we] fail to recognize, divide, and conquer the multiple roles associated with planning for, creating, publishing, and governing content, we’ll keep underestimating the time, budget, and expertise it takes to do content right.

We won’t clearly define and defend the process to our companies and clients. We’ll keep getting stuck with 11th-hour directives, fix-it-later copy drafts — and we’ll keep on publishing crap.

The article references another interesting read:

Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data - article by Rachel Lovinger

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