Sunday, 27 June 2010

Eyetracking - real world examples

Three unrelated eyetracking articles, all with different focuses and interesting for different reasons. The key thing to learn here (if you didn't know it already) is never assume people take in information in a linear fashion - their attention is fleeting and moves in sometimes unexpected directions.

Eyetracking study examples: A usability company selling their services by outlining example studies and findings across a range of media - including the web, billboard design and even product placement in a supermarket.

Eyetracking study examples -

Eyetracking for poster design: An academic's blog post on how he used a trial of eyetracking equipment to learn more about how people read project posters. Includes a video which is interesting if you've not seen eyetracking in action before.

Optimizing poster design using eye tracking software - Mike Pascoe's blog post

Signage: Finally, a paper outlining a study investigating the impact of poor signage on people with low vision.

Public Signs Sight Assessment for Low Vision through Eye Tracking - Hisayuki Tatsumi, Yasuyuki Murai, Iwao Sekita and Masahiro Miyakawa

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