Saturday, 18 September 2010

Higher Ed digital marketing commentary

Usability company Webcredible posted an article this month full of tips and tricks for university web marketing and how higher education should be getting in on the social web/digital marketing act.

While there are a few good points there, I think the article really just highlights how little usability and marketing companies really appreciate the realities of web publishing in the UK higher education sector. I can't claim to be an expert but I have worked for a few different public sector institutions and had good contacts with a few others, so have seen a few trends over the past 10 years...

In higher education, few have a lot of time to give to web publishing, and those that do (and have the skills to go with it) are rarely close enough to the customer to truely take advantage.

So lots of top tips here about driving visitors to your site, taking advantage of all social networking has to offer, but as ever ignoring the realities of disjointed, devolved publishing and a lack of genuine content strategy.

I may well be off the mark - especially when it comes to new universities who may well need to put more into their marketing and recruitment drives - but from what I picked up at this (and previous) year's HE web managers conference, I don't think so...

Higher education and digital marketing: joining the party - article by

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