Monday, 25 October 2010

10 management truths for the web age

I quite like this free e-book by Lisa Welchman, in which she outlines just how wrong approaches to large scale corporate web publishing can be. Best of all it's a light read - pretty much a bunch of illustrated slides really - that you can get through in 5 minutes.

As you read through the first half where she looks at the problems, there are a lot of points that ring true for website management in higher education - politics, organisation-centric approaches, insufficient expertise and resource...

While I blog regularly on similar messages from people like Gerry McGovern and Paul Boag, it's interesting to read something with a US corporate focus. And to find that it's the same old story.

Page from the e-book, Digital Deca

So, maybe your organization was always messed up, didn’t have credible information, was wasteful and unable to collaborate. But it didn’t matter as long as your storefront to the world looked good.

But now, you broadcast your company’s dysfunction to the whole wide world with the instant, digital, global communications channel that is the www.

And, before Web 2.0 you didn’t have an instant, digital, global communications channels like Twitter, flickr, facebook, et al, that your customers could use to tell everyone how dysfunctional you are...

Lisa then goes on to outline her 10 Management Truths for the Web Age. Her 'Digital Deca'.

10 Management Truths for the Web Age: the Digital Deca - e-book by Lisa Welchman (7.5MB PDF)

WelchmanPierpoint - website operations management specialists

Lisa also wrote a great piece on web strategy, which is somewhat longer but a very coherent explanation.

Web Strategy: a Definition - article by Lisa Welchman

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