Thursday, 14 October 2010

McGovern on web marketing & imagery

Three short articles by Gerry McGovern in which he hammers the flaws in applying traditional marketing techniques to the web. Users want to achieve their goals, not have an "experience". Text over images. Clarity over persuasion.

It's a very simple message that Gerry returns to again and again from different angles. The web is customer driven, unlike TV or print where persuasive marketing hold sway. Website visitors know what they want to do, and they want to do it as quickly and hassle-free as possible. The most effective websites are simple and clear and don't employ traditional marketing techniques.

Articles by Gerry McGovern:

The new marketer and communicator - "The customer isn't king anymore. They're dictator. Highly impatient, skeptical and deeply cynical of traditional marketers and communicators."

Web customers crave speed, not emotional experiences - "Great websites focus on solving top customer tasks. They solve problems as quickly as possible."

Text is more important than images on the Web - "Poynter Institute eyetracking research... [shows] ...Text rules on the PC screen -- both in order viewed and in overall time spent looking at it."

Are marketing images damaging your brand? - "Words are absolutely critical to the success of a website and yet many marketers, communicators and senior managers spend far more time on images."

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