Sunday, 14 November 2010

Visio prototyping templates

Visio is an excellent prototyping tool. Probably the one I turn to most. This is in no small part due to some great free templates that make generating mock ups so quick and easy. Here is a list of some of what's on offer - all free to download.

I've used the GUUUI stencils for years with great success. If you've never done this kind of thing before, it's a great place to start as the stencils come as part of a really good tutorial.

Visio: the interaction designer's nail gun (3rd edition) - GUUUI stencils and tutorial

A few other templates and resources for prototyping with Microsoft Visio:

Swipr plugin for Visio - enabling HTML outputs

Visio wireframe toolkit - by Bill Scott in his Looks Good Works Well blog

Visio stencils by Nick Finck


  1. Hi,

    I just came upon this post browsing google for "Visio prototyping".
    I think that you might want to check, which was developed solely for web prototyping with Visio :)


  2. Thanks Tomek. I'll take a look!