Saturday, 13 November 2010

Prototyping with Powerpoint

Tips, tricks and free downloads to make prototyping with Microsoft PowerPoint quick and easy.

PowerPoint may not be the perfect prototyping tool, but it has two advantages over almost every other option:
  1. It's familiar to most of us. So if you're new to prototyping or are not particularly techie or you don't feel like learning how to use a new tool just to help you test and share your concepts, PowerPoint might be the best option.
  2. Everyone has a copy, or another presentation tool compatible with it. So if you're wanting to share prototypes with stakeholders, and you're wanting them to potentially tweak them as part of their feedback, chances are they'll be able to do it in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Prototyping Toolkit - free download by Long Zheng

10 Minute Mock Prototyping: Tips for PowerPoint - article and video by Kris Jordan

Interactive Prototypes with PowerPoint - article by Maureen Kelly for BoxesandArrows

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