Thursday, 27 January 2011

Better content by design

An interesting article and podcast by content strategist Kristina Halvorson, looking at how focused and hardworking the content on your webpage really is. Much like Gerry McGovern, she's emphasising the need to focus on your users' tasks ahead of marketing yourself.

The key points of the 10 minute podcast are detailed in the article and illustrated with some of her slides, so it's well worth a quick read at least.
Consider the “One Second Impression” in order to alleviate frustrations of your users and get them to stay on your page. It is within the 4-10 second range that they begin to take in the actual content of the page. In those first 5 seconds, Kristina says that “you need to work to convey that primary reason, why it is that we exist, and that we see you. We understand why you are here.”

Kristina Halvorson’s “Message and Medium: Better Content by Design” - podcast and article for

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