Friday, 23 September 2011

Does your CMS support your content strategy?

A blog article by a content management system (CMS) developer with a refreshingly enlightened understanding of content strategy. Rachel Andrew writes about how the CMS should serve to support website editors to do a better job, focusing the content that they write.

A developer colleague passed this article and presentation to me after he saw Rachel Andrew present. Her slides are also included in this blog post.

Rachel says:
Once a site is launched it is quite likely that the person or people editing the content are not professional copywriters, just as they are not professional designers. Therefore we should be using the CMS to not only protect the design and typography – but also to promote the content strategy for the site.
For me, this is right on the money. The primary purpose of a content management system should be to help us manage the content. And (in the public sector at least) more often than not, the people managing the content are non-specialists who have a range of other responsibilities that take precedence over their web management role.

Your CMS as curator of your design and content - blog article by Rachel Andrew

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