Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Link writing tips - McGovern

A witty and engaging take on link writing advice from Gerry McGovern. Worth two minutes of your time to re-enforce a few points.

Every so often Gerry writes something that makes me laugh. (Is that sad? Laughing at content management articles? Don't answer that...)

Here he rants about some of the more ill-thought-out phrases you see from time to time:

Many British government websites use "Do It Online" as a way to organize links. What exactly does that mean?

Never use Quick Links. What exactly does that mean? Are the other links Slow Links?

A link is a promise from you to your customer. It is a signpost... You see a sign labeled "Frequently Visited Towns". Should you follow it?

And the one that made me laugh:

Do not use Infinity and Beyond links such as Resources and Tools.

I secretly hope there's a website somewhere out there that has a category in its site structure labelled 'Infinity and Beyond'...

Tips for writing great links - article by Gerry McGovern

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