Friday, 21 June 2013

User experience comics workshop

UX comics - no, not comedians, but a sequential series of pictures communicating a story or experience. I attended a workshop on the topic today at the UX Scotland conference.

Bonny Colville-Hyde of Sift Digital led the session - talking about the benefits and her experiences before giving us a beginner's lesson and getting us all to dive in. It was fun. But for someone not particularly arty it was pretty difficult too.

Would I persevere to get better? Probably not. But if I encounter colleagues with more artistic talent than me (wouldn't take much) I would heartily encourage them. A great way to build on personas and compliment user experience maps, or just summarise research findings, or communicate a vision for a new UX.

Comics can be so powerful; much more immediate than a written summary and Bonny told how some of her comics went viral around the companies she produced them for. And I don't think you can get better dissemination of research within an organisation than that.

I was going to write more, but Martin Belam has beaten me to it and done a great job.

“The joy of UX Comics” – a review of Bonny Colville-Hyde's workshop at UX Scotland by Martin Belam

Creating your first UX comic - slides by Bonny Colville-Hyde

And here's my ropey first effort...

My first attempt at a UX cartoon - a few badly drawn frames
We created comics to illustrate a UX for an online florist

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