Saturday, 14 December 2013

Responsive design is a content management issue

Responsive design - a single design that changes to suit the size of the screen - is an increasingly adopted approach. Karen McGrane explains why this is a content issue first and foremost, and shares a few anecdotes.

Karen explains how you can't just turn to a developer or designer to deliver a good mobile site through responsive design. There are fundamental content issues to be considered.

Unfortunately, content is something that most organisations try to bury their heads in the sand about.

Karen shares some anecdotes about companies saying they'll come to the content later, or they'll get the desktop site right first, or they'll leave their designer/developer to decide what needs to be done about the content.

The solution is of course to use the drive for and investment in development of mobile sites as a lever to return to your organisation to look again at your content management system and how you structure your content. It can't all be done at once, but again Karen has some advice on for looking to the future.

Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem - article by Karen McGrane for A List Apart

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