Saturday, 5 September 2009

Search terms and website content

The words we use when we search are not always the words we like to read when we arrive at a website.
We know it's important to get key words and phrases that our audiences search for into our web copy. Gerry McGovern comments on some research done by CDA, a digital communications consultancy which examined the relationship between the language we use as we express a desire, the words we type into the search engine, and then our expectations about what we read on the destination pages.

Search words versus carewords - Gerry McGovern article

CDA themselves summarise their findings:

We found that the language that engages people on web pages is different to the language that forms the pathways to a site. Rather, people change or adapt language terms as they refine their search...

Free search language research report from CDA - "Online language pathways: two kinds of language online"

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