Thursday, 28 July 2011

Data-driven decision making

A great article on website analytics - how to use them to best effect. For yourself and for your organisation.

It's pretty simple stuff, but so easy to overlook when you're too close to the numbers, or too busy with your day job to give them some real thought. I suppose being able to keep it relatively simple and focused is part of what makes the author, Avinash Kaushik at the forefront of thinking and practice on Google Analytics.

The key messages I took away from this are "reporting is not analysis" and "HiPPOs [Highest Paid Person's Opinion] rule the world, they over rule your data, they impose their opinions on you and your company customers, they think they know best (sometimes they do)".

He also talks about something I feel strongly about - you get maximum benefit out of analytics when you combine the insight with other research like usability testing.

Seven Steps to Creating a Data Driven Decision Making Culture - article based on a presentation by Avinash Kaushik on his Google Analytics website Occam's Razor.

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