Saturday, 14 June 2014

Email content management checklist

An excellent piece from Georgy Cohen for higher ed content strategy website If you're involved in regular email communications you should check your activity against her sound advice.

We're all swamped with emails, and there's plenty of data out there showing how low the open rate on mailing list emails can be. So it's critical you get a few points right if you want to get the best out of the medium.

The funny thing is, most of this is obvious, but as we write so many emails on a day to day basis the importance of getting it right for the broadcast message can be missed.

Georgy's tips:
  1. Set your goals, know your readers
  2. Maintain a content calendar
  3. Draft your content
  4. Create your subject line
  5. Use best practices for images
  6. Craft your calls to action
  7. Determine a consistent schedule
  8. Measurement
Best Practices for Email Newsletter Content Planning - article by Georgy Cohen for

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