Monday, 30 June 2014

McGovern - how searching has changed

Content management specialist Gerry McGovern's latest article is a nice summary of how he sees search behaviour and how it's changed over the past few years.

He says that from what he's seen people typically prefer to navigate than to search, and to degree I'd agree with him. Perhaps he's slightly oversimplified things (we're neither one nor the other I think - we lean towards search or navigation depending on our task and our domain knowledge) but that's inevitable in the snappy little articles he shares pretty much every week.

What I liked about the article was how he highlighted the relationship between navigation and search; how good navigation - well structured and labelled - also makes for a better search experience with more meaningful results.

The example he used about the BBC intranet that used to provide a list of top searches as a navigational aid which resulted in a vicious circle was great too.

The changing nature of search behaviour - article by Gerry McGovern

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