Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ongoing CMS development - the NY Times

A really nice article from the developers of the New York Times' in-house content management system, Scoop. How they evolved it, why and how, and where they're heading next.

Of course it's always good to hear about development teams engaging with their user group; working to meet their needs, and to alleviate their problems and irritations with the system.

But what's most striking about this piece for me is the fact that they're there to stay. Their job is continuous improvement and innovation; helping the business do better business online. Not introduce some enhancements to the CMS and then go away until the next time it's identified that the website needs something.

This, for me, is what should be happening in the higher education sector. The switch to digital is of course critical for the newspaper industry so investing in this kind of thing is pretty much investing in the paper's existence. It's the same for universities though - it's just that the pace of change is slower (but accelerating!). The growth in online distance learning, and the expectation of all students to be able to do more and more for themselves online, means we need to be moving faster, being more responsive and indeed identifying opportunities and delivering improvements that our target audiences didn't even know they wanted.

Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NY Times CMS - blog post by Luke Vnenchak

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