Sunday, 14 March 2010

Content is critical, delete some - Gerry McGovern

You publish too much. More than you can manage. So much that it obscures what's really important on your website. It probably damages your reputation too. So says Gerry McGovern.

Before you begin a website redesign, or consider a move to a new content management system, or decide that you really don't have time to weed out the old, irrelevant material, read this fantastic series of short articles.

Web content migration: disastrous strategy - article by Gerry McGovern
How many webpages can one person manage? - article by Gerry McGovern

Removing poor quality content increases customer satisfaction - article by Gerry McGovern

Business case for deleting content - article by Gerry McGovern

How to manage out of date content - article by Gerry McGovern

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