Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Non-profit website research - Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen summarises his recent usablity studies on not-for-profit websites, focusing on users trying to donate their money, time or things they no longer need. Some interesting, and not so surprising findings.

There are parallels here with his recent studies of university websites. After all, there's probably more in common between non-profits and educational websites than with commercial sites.

He finds that it's harder to donate than it is to spend online. It's even harder to volunteer your time, or to give away things you don't want any more.

And as with the university sector, the focus needs to be on content quality and clarity of communication. Social media has its place, but in a secondary role. Users were irritated by organisations using social media spaces to push corporate messages.

Non-Profit Organization Websites: Increasing Donations and Volunteering - article by Jakob Nielsen

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