Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Public sector collaboration - technical innovation

I watched an interesting webinar last week by Dave Briggs. He was talking about how collaboration in the public sector can be enhanced through the use of social media. While his focus was on local government and intranets, the parallels with our university website project were hard to miss.

A video of his session, plus slides and follow up questions and answers are now online. He starts with why it should matter to you, then moves into a discussion of potential tools, before ending with the part that was of most interest to me: managing the risks and encouraging engagement.

A few points from his later slides which I wholeheartedly agree with:

  • Most risks can be mitigated with a half decent policy and some effective training
  • Governance and championing are essential
  • The biggest risk is that no one uses your nice new intranet [for intranet, read - any new technology involving collaboration]
  • It's not an IT project

How can technology support public sector collaboration? - presentation slides and video by Dave Briggs - davepress.net

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