Friday, 13 May 2011

Developing a vision for user experience

I'm currently reading up on ways to develop, communicate and validate a vision for the user experience of a website, application or product. A couple of these articles I've blogged before, but there are a number of great resources (new to me at least) out there.

I blogged a great piece by David Travis ( earlier this year which covered some activities and resources aimed at bringing a team together, gaining consensus and sharing it.
Why you need a user experience vision (and how to create and publicise it)

Jared Spool of has also written some great pieces. The first one I've blogged before, but the others are new to me. Some are just blog posts themselves, but I've found the additional points useful in broadening my understanding and forming my own view.
The 3 Steps for Creating an Experience Vision - a comprehensive overview for those not sure whether vision development processes are worthwhile
The Vision Statement Trap - a good outline of what a UX vision is not, and some common misconceptions
Knowledge Navigator Deconstructed – Building an Envisionment - a fascinating appraisal of Apple's vision for the user experience in 2010, produced in 1987.

This presentation by Alexa Andrzejewski of Adaptive Path is fantastic. Even though it's just the slides, it communicates beautifully. I guess that just underlines her talent as a designer and communicator.
The UX Driven Startup: Crafting an Experience Vision - presentation on Slideshare by Alexa Andrzejewski

Slide from UX Driven Startup presentation

A range of usability professional's views and experiences arising from the question: "What are the purpose and benefits of having a UX vision?" on

A bit further away from what I'm working on but interesting nevertheless. A collection of user experience vision videos pulled together by Luke Wroblewski from Microsoft, Nokia and Apple.

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