Saturday, 28 May 2011

Technology doesn't change org culture

An interesting piece about the introduction of social media to organisations and their impact. For all this is about internal comms, I think there's a lot to reflect on here for external communications and marketing too. Right now there's a real drive to be liked on Facebook, to be followed on Twitter etc etc. But what does it really mean and why are we doing it?

James Robertson of internal comms and intranet specialists Step Two has written a short and thought provoking blog article in which he states:

You can’t change corporate culture using social tools... ...never forget that connecting people is about people, not the tools we deploy.

He also gives some good advice:

While there is a clear need and opportunity for social tools, we must:
  • set clear, business-focused, objectives for social tools
  • recognise where social tools will, and won’t, work
  • use tools to support, rather than drive, culture change
  • focus on gaining adoption
  • be realistic about the cultural impact of social tools

You can’t change corporate culture using social tools - blog post by James Robertson on Column Two

James also shares a presentation he gave recently looking at some success stories.

Internal social tools that support the business - presentation by James Robertson

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