Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Content strategy quick intro

A short and well referenced piece that outlines what content strategy is, including a very helpful diagram illustrating the relationships between the various disciplines of website development.

Gary Teagarden has recently completed a masters thesis on content strategy in higher education and is using it as the basis for a series of short articles. This first one suggests the rest will be worth returning for.

I'm familiar with the two main texts he quotes (Kristina Halvorson and Erin Kissane - both of whom I've covered on Usability Ed) but this diagram was new:

Content strategist's relationship with other web development disciplines
Copyright Richard Ingram

I think it's worth reiterating Erin Kissane's checklist, as Gary does:

  • Good content is approprate: define a clear, specific purpose for each piece of content.
  • Good content is user-centered: adopt the cognitive frameworks of your users.
  • Good content is clear: seek clarity in all things.
  • Good content is consistent: mandate consistency within reason.
  • Good content is concise: omit needless content.
  • Good content is supported: publish no content without a support plan.

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