Tuesday, 1 December 2009

McGoven on the value of user testing

Gerry McGovern advocates watching users visit your website to perform top tasks.

Do you really think those crude, meaningless statistics about page impressions, visitors and hits are anything other than crude and meaningless?

Behind these cold, lifeless statistics lie the experiences of real people.

"Crude and menaingless?" That's a bit harsh, but I agree - developing websites based on webstats alone is a dodgy business.

Nobody sets out to create a cruel and unusually punishing website... We... [make things difficult] ...because we don't see our customers using our websites. We lack empathy and feeling...

Observing our customers is intrinsic to web success, and it's so basic.

And that's just it. It's so easy, so basic, there's no excuse not to do user testing.

If your customer falls in the forest of your website - article by Gerry McGovern

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