Friday, 2 December 2011

Quantifying the user experience

As soon as I admire a user experience map and feel that it's beyond me, almost the next thing I read is a great article on how to create something very similar. And this seems totally do-able. Consider mapping the user experience to better understand what's going on and see where you can improve things.

At the moment, expressing the user or customer experience is in my thoughts. How can we succinctly explain what we want to aspire to without getting dragged into organisational or technical complications? Something we can all share?

I'm working on a narrative approach at the moment - mainly because I don't work with UX professionals. I work with academics and administrators who want to do things better. But they don't have the time and expertise to get into stuff like this. So for me right now, writing a few lines with them is a big step forward.

Anyway, I really liked this article and will be looking for a project and a bit of time to try this out in the near future.

Using Storyboards and Sentiment Charts to Quantify Customer Experience - article by Ben Crothers for

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