Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Designing great user experiences

This article by Jared Spool barely mentions websites or interfaces. But read it - there's a lot to learn from his comparison of user experiences in other environments.

Jared talks us through different maps for large theme parks and a new service for hailing a taxi.

By considering what - at first glance - seems like a perfectly good theme park map would be like to actually use, and comparing it with a seemingly plainer Disney version he encourages us to get beyond the paper (and indeed the fairground rides) and focus on the users themselves.

How often do we forget about the user as we get tied up in the design or the content or the technology?

And his description of a new taxi booking app shows how it's not the app that will make or break this innovative service but rather the investment the company have put into the user experience - working to add real value to what both the passenger and the taxi driver get from the process.

Designing Great Experiences: The Gap Between Activities  - article by Jared Spool

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